Microsoft Project Services

Today more than ever, security and cyber risks are top of mind.

Microsoft Security Services

Microsoft offers a depth of security services infused into both Office 365 and Azure. Today more than ever , security and cyber risks are top of mind. Not only for the teams in IT departments dealing with protection of intellectual property and access to business enabling systems. Many of these systems today are Microsoft centric or offer integration in the Microsoft Security services. 

Security is not a once off engagement and need for form part of an ongoing operational engagement. For this reason iSquared run a Security Operations Center (SOC) and Network Operations Center (NOC) informed by thousands of sensors reporting millions of events. Presenting this information into real time dashboards , empowers security analysts to analyse the threat and elevate the severity based on the threat level. 

Microsoft provide a rich set of tools natively in the platform and support for various third part security providers. Microsoft measure using the Microsoft Secure score, 

Secure Score helps customers to:

  • Report on the current state of the organization’s security posture.
  • Improve their security posture by providing discoverability, visibility, guidance, and control.
  • Compare with benchmarks and establish key performance indicators (KPIs).

Customers gain access to robust visualizations of metrics and trends, integration with other Microsoft products, score comparison with similar organizations, and much more. The score can also reflect when third-party solutions have addressed recommended actions.

Cybersecurity Consulting Services

Many of iSquared’s customer are bound by regulatory and compliance frameworks by established bodies or governments. This results in regular auditing of these controls and procedures. iSquared customers subscribed to our security services are internally audited as part of normal operations, in addition customers often engage external auditors to validate the finds and make recommendations. Our experience in this areas allows us to align the regulatory and compliance requirements with a rich integrated framework with machine and human generated reports as evidence for proof of execution. iSquared has developed its our framework that leverages a variety of ever evolving cyber and data protection framework developed and maintained by:

  • US Dept of Commerce, called NIST or the National Institute of Standards and Technology,  
  • The Center for Internet Security CIS Critical Security Controls
  • South Africa – Financial Sector Conduct Authority 
  • South African – Protection of Personal Information Act
  • European Union – General Data Protection Regulation

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